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From 1st user to millions,
on a single platform

While XMPP has been designed before modern web and smartphone, the protocol has keep up with the pace and is mobile and websocket aware.

ejabberd supports the latest refinements of XMPP to build modern and up to date services on mobile and Web.

Based on
ejabberd business edition

Based on ejabberd Business Edition platform — self-service — no customisation, but you get all the extra features of our Business Edition,including mobile push support. And new features are added regularly. ejabberd is the most popular standard-based messaging service in the world.

Flexible APIs
and databases

Flexible authentication options: user-base integration via an API or user-base management inside ejabberd. Flexible contact list options: API for downloading rosters from customer backend or rosters management inside ejabberd. Test platform as a virtual host, enabling use of different users and roster API endpoint and database.

Robust, scalable,
redundant XMPP cluster

Hosted and managed by ProcessOne — includes hardware, software, bandwidth and platform management. Deployed on Amazon in USA (with option to host in other regions). Included storage to archive messages. Access to message archives in batch mode through daily downloadable files.

Included in basic price

24/7 emergency support

Support for emergency ("service not working") all day, every day, with 1 hour response time and 4 hour recovery time.


Fixed price client and architecture developers support

€2500 per month (no commitment, monthly engagement).

No commitment, right pricing

ejabberd SaaS offers monthly engagement, meaning you are billed monthly and can resign at any time. Pricing is prepared for three phases in the project life: Emerging, Growing and Established Network.

How does it work? If you are starting up a new project, you typically start in Emerging Network phase. For a migration of an existing platform, you may already be in the Growing phase.

The stages are designed so that you stay between 1 and 2 years in Emerging Network and between 1 and 2 years in Growing Network phase.

Each stage comes with a budget in terms of XMPP actions you can perform (number of XMPP packets send, number of authentication performed, number of s2s packets send, etc), so called "jabs". If you are above the limit of your budget for a given stage, we then offer you to get to the next stage and pay for the platform as you grow.

What are "jabs"?

Stages are based on the actual traffic generated on the server, measured in jabs.
Jabs are counted based on several criteria:

XMPP packet traffic

Each XMPP packet sent by client to server costs one jab (except authentication packet, which cost 2 jabs). For inactive opened sessions, at least 1 jab is accounted every fifteen minutes (minimal session consumption).

API Calls

Inbound API calls are counted as 1 jab. XMPP packet broadcasted through our APIs are also consuming jabs if they exceed one recipient (1 jab per recipient).


Bandwidth consumed for XMPP traffic is accounted through jabs as well. For all XMPP packets under 5KB size, there is no additional cost. After the first 5KB, cost is 1 extra jabs per block of 5KB.

Emerging network
You are starting a new project from scratch or are adding realtime messaging features to an existing user base.

Stage 1


per month

10 000 000

jabs included

additional jabs:
€2 / 100 000 jabs

Stage 2


per month

50 000 000

jabs included

additional jabs:
€1 / 100 000 jabs

Stage 3

800 €

per month

100 000 000

jabs included

additional jabs:
€0.80 / 100 000 jabs
Growing network
Your messaging service is in place and well established. It is growing at a steady rate through viral network effect.
Price per month jabs included additional jabs
Stage 4 €1 000 / month 160 000 000 jabs €0.62 / 100 000 jabs
Stage 5 €1 400 / month 280 000 000 jabs €0.50 / 100 000 jabs
Stage 6 €1 800 / month 400 000 000 jabs €0.45 / 100 000 jabs
Stage 7 €2 200 / month 550 000 000 jabs €0.40 / 100 000 jabs
Stage 8 €2 650 / month 700 000 000 jabs €0.38 / 100 000 jabs
Stage 9 €3 100 / month 900 000 000 jabs €0.34 / 100 000 jabs
Stage 10 €3 550 / month 1 200 000 000 jabs €0.29 / 100 000 jabs
Stage 11 €4 000 / month 1 600 000 000 jabs €0.25 / 100 000 jabs
Stage 12 €4 500 / month 2 000 000 000 jabs €0.22 / 100 000 jabs
Established network
You gathered a strong community of users and are now managing a renowned world class messaging network.
Price per month jabs included additional jabs
Stage 13 €5 000 / month 3 000 000 000 jabs €0.16 / 100 000 jabs
Stage 14 €6 000 / month 5 000 000 000 jabs €0.12 / 100 000 jabs
Stage 15 €8 000 / month 10 000 000 000 jabs €0.08 / 100 000 jabs
Need more? €60 / 100 000 000 more jabs €0.06 / 100 000 jabs

Featured Clients


Fling is an exciting way to share life’s moments. Anyone, anywhere, can simply grab their smartphone and fling a photo, video or text message to the world. Share your ideas, inspirations and experiences with other flingers around the world.


Quiks combines Free Instant Messaging and Social Networking, in a Very Easy way! With Quiks you can communicate with your telephone contacts, on a "PRIVATE" level and at the same time you can communicate with them, on a "PUBLIC" level.


VoxWeb merges mobile photography with voice and sound to create a unique social network presenting speaking images, symbolised by the Orange Line.

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Server configuration / limitations

  • Max packet size: 50kb
  • Max roster size: 500 contacts
  • Offline message: 100 offline message per user
  • Offline retention: 30 days
  • Max number of chat rooms a user can join at the same time: 10 rooms
  • Max number of users in a chat room: 200 users
  • Max number of recipients for multicast messages: 100 recipients
  • Minimum interval between messages in chat room: 0.4s
  • Minimum interval between presence changes in chat room: 4s
  • Max detached session duration: 24 hours
  • PubSub maximum number of items: 10 items
  • Message archive retention: 30 days locally, unlimited on customer backend.
  • Max number of presence subscription stanza: 5 per minute
  • Proxy65: Not enabled. Not a model for billing bandwidth
  • SIP gateway: Not enabled. May be available as an option.
  • No gateway: We do not provide gateway to third party private network (Yahoo!, AOL, Twitter, etc).
  • Mod_stats: Not enabled. Statistics provided by ejabberd SaaS dashboard.
  • XEP-0077 In-Band Registration is disabled to protect server from mass accounts creation. Users are managed via backends integration.